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Dear Fellow Music Teacher,

Looking to get your studio to the "next level?" 

Want to put your music marketing on "autopilot" with just a few simple steps?

The Music Teacher Marketing Blueprint is a simple and valuable "hinge" audio file--it changes your mindset--that spells out out the exact steps you need to take in order to RAISE YOUR INCOME and get BETTER, EASIER STUDENTS to handle... starting TODAY.

This Blueprint is great for anyone teaching guitar, piano, voice, violin, drums, or other instrument who:

-  want more income
- are in a private studio or work in a bigger studio
-  want to teach more hours 
- want to teach FEWER hours for more money
- may feel slightly OUT OF CONTROL in their schedule
- want a more predictable income with fewer quitting students
- want to teach more WILLING students (who practice)
- are willing to make slight changes in direction for the payoff of one of the above!

If you fit the above description, you may be interested in a file I had on my computer from 2015. 

It is a recording I did for a small group of music teachers and thought, "all those teachers like me out there could benefit from this file, too."

(In other words, if you are looking for a "professionally produced" file with perfect audio, you will be disappointed.)

Truth is, as a private music teacher, I don't make this kind of  stuff available that often.

I just don't have time. (In case you need my "background" I have taught thousands of people OUTSIDE the MUSIC business, audiences of 7 to 110 and earned $3,000 to $3,500 for just 4 hours of teaching. That is $875 per hour. So, I could charge $875 for this audio.)

Obviously this is a music business and I am not going to charge that kind of money. It's not fair to charge $400, or $200 either--although ONE WEEK of using the techniques I share on this file could bring much more to your business right away...

But until the date on this page it's going for under $3.

That means this file is a SUSPICIOUSLY VALUABLE GOLD MINE of information about how to RADICALLY solve the BIGGEST PROBLEMS in your teaching business.

Before you click away to another tab... ask yourself:

What is the value of NOT changing your business? 

Fact: most people will GLADLY lose $10 every single HOUR of the WEEK just to stay "comfortable" and never make changes to their business. (That's $400 in one week of CASH LOST just for the mindset "I am a musician, not a hard line business person!" or "I can't charge more money to students of [pick any age or financial situation].") 

Ugh. I can't stand thinking about that, because for YEARS I did the same thing as those teachers--acting like marketing was just for business people and "schmoozers" and "used car salespeople."

But after applying some of the techniques I learned from a very similar industry, my income went up per hour, and from the beginning of our relationship, my students walk into my "office" with a new perception. Professionality. Work ethic. Quality. All due to my new mindset... (I show you how to do this on the Blueprint audio file!)

Will you make a change like I did? 

Or will you be like most, and keep suffering from turnover and low hourly fees?

Grab my file today and start to change your life. Discover these on the file:
  •  How to raise your rates the right way: Charge more money per hour, instantly. It is simple, but not easy.
  •  How to take control of your life with a predictable but not boring schedule. (Your musicianship lends itself to chaos--I know from my own experience. It's time to get things on track the painless way.)
  •  Practically MESMERIZE your prospective students into wanting to pay up front! Many teachers fear this tactic, but if done the RIGHT WAY it actually puts your student at ease. I will show you how to do this the right way.
  • How to get students to chase YOU! The worst feeling in the world is having to ask people if they want to start playing the instrument you teach.  The second-worst feeling is sitting and doing NOTHING, waiting for people to want your teaching.
  •  How to cut your quitting rates by 50%, instantly! This relates to all the other points, and is more of a byproduct of how you present yourself. You'll get to raise your rates AND find out how to keep your students longer.
  • You'll know the exact methods I used to take my instruction into my own hands (instead of paying a studio up to 30% of your lesson fees!!! ewww!).
  •  Quick and easy tips to implement
  •  Fast solutions to issues like LATE STUDENTS and more
  •  Thoughtful advice for changing your mindset from thinking like a "big box store" to thinking like a guerrilla warfare artist, getting the practice and performance you want from your students, every time.
  •  How to stop "fishing" for business...
  •  Training on how to "give yourself a raise."
  •  How to handle it when students show up late
  •  How to confront a student who wants to get a free trial
  •  What to say to parents of children students when they get a [guitar, violin, drum kit, whatever!] for their birthday
  •  The most important thing about your music training business, and how it is the OPPOSITE of having good teaching skills
  •  How to separate yourself from the "pack" of hungry teachers all around you
  •  Why you should audition students, even though they think they are auditioning you!
  •  When to say "no" to a student
  •  What kind of vision to have for yourself, and how to get it...

You are one Audio File away from Making More Money and Getting More enjoyable, Faithful Students into your studio.
One good idea I share with you in this audio file today may transform your lifestyle. 

Make your move now and change the way you think about yourself and your teaching business.

Brooks Hanes
Author, Violin Coach, Marketing Consultant for Music Teachers

P.S. : If you are like me and you like to skim, here is what this page is for: this offer is for you if you are a music teacher looking to increase income--without adding more hours to your schedule.  My audio file will guide you through the process.

P.P.S. : This is a ROUGH RECORDING, straight from my phone into a computer. It's not pretty, and it's frankly very "home-made." But the content is what stands out. There are NO REFUNDS for this product, unfortunately, because I have found that making refunds available is what makes some of my students come in without commitment to themselves and to me. (Take that tip to the bank for your music studio!)
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